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Whether you have been together for a short or long time, when things start to go wrong or just not feel right it can be so hard to repair when two people are involved. As an integrative couples counsellor I draw on modern therapeutic techniques , working with you to find strategies to repair and strengthen your bond.

Often you can be

• constantly evaluating whether to leave or stay

• struggling with conflict that never seems to resolve

• feeling disconnected, like you never seem to talk anymore and struggle to find things in common

Exploring your relationship in the safe space I provide will help you bring some clarity to what is going on between you. Having that clearer picture from a wider perspective is an essential part of being able to work toward change.

Unresolved disagreements

Often couples come in with a hurdle neither seems to be able to overcome, causing a wedge in the relationship. We carefully unravel the blocks with a goal of reaching a deep understanding of each other whilst finding the strength in the relationship to hold some compromise in order to move forward.

Blended families

The day-to-day impact of working with a blended family can put a huge strain on a relationship. Couples counselling is an opportunity to open up and talk about your perspective. When couples feel they are being heard, tensions ease and solutions can be found.

Intimacy issues

Sometimes couples feel their relationship is lacking intimacy. This can be a felt by one or both partners. It's possible one partner desires sex more than the other, which can lead to a strain on the relationship. We sensitively work through this quite complex issue, respectful of both parties.

Affairs and betrayals

The impact of an affair or betrayal can be devastating, however, it can provide an opportunity to work together to find new strength and deeper connection. During the crisis phase we recognise and explore the painful emotions around the betrayal. Once both partners are ready, we take a sensitive look into the heart of the relationship as we move towards the final phase of rebuilding, setting a new pathway for our relationship.

Separation counselling

For some couples, the relationship has come to the end of its road, but all too often couples split up without having an opportunity to find clarity as to where the relationship broke down. This opportunity can be so important and helpful in both moving forward and steering couples towards a more positive way of communicating post break up.


$155 per hour


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