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(CBT-E Enhanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Eating Disorders)

The impact of having an eating disorder can be devastating, from the toll it takes on your mental health and the rippling effect it has on your loved ones, to the serious implications it can have on your body.

Early intervention is so important. It is never too soon to seek help, even if you are not sure; a skilled therapist can assess your concerns.

CBT-E is now reputed to be the gold standard therapy for all eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, a combination or variation of all three, the therapy offers help to all.

If you have tried other therapies but are stuck, this is also for you.

The course runs for 20 weeks during which I will be there for you and support you.

We work out a tailor-made plan by looking into your eating disorder and how it is maintained before setting your treatment goals.

I know it is not an easy path, but the rewards at the other end are life changing.

The therapy, when followed, has a high success rate.


$95 per one-hour session



Highett (Wednesday, Thursday), Hampton (Fridays, Saturday mornings)

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